Delight The Next Generation Of Digital Learners

Our team partners with you to build exclusive immersive experiences for your audience.

Our Mission

Build an immersive digital content library that will better educate and entertain the next generation of learners.

The Platform

JourniGO is an edutainment mobile platform connecting users to exclusive digital experiences.

We work with museums, non-profits, and historical associations to publish immersive content to our platform that supports their own physical exhibits and events.

What can JourniGO do for you?

Exclusive partners enjoy long-term benefits that align with their organization’s goals

Get Your Org Featured

Partners join a curated list of immersive experiences found throughout the United States. Partners enjoy strategic placement within the mobile app to gain the most visibility from current and new users.

Gain Access To Emerging Tech

Partners gain access to our built-in augmented reality technology used to develop exclusive digital content in conjunction with your customer offerings.

Reach More Families & School Groups

Partners can connect with and offer exclusive digital content to young families and school groups who visit their location.

Drive Traffic and Admissions

Push notifications to visitors to share new events, exhibits, and immersive experiences.

Enhance Your On-Site Offerings

With JourniGO, partners can enhance their on-site offerings to increase admissions, improve engagement, and boost learning retention.

Generate Revenue

Partners gain access to several monetization opportunities including sponsorships, donor recognition tools, and ad revenue.

Who is on JourniGO?

Learn About Growth Opportunities For Your Brand